Mideast Justpeace Protest -- June 5, 2010 -- Traverse City, Michigan

From the Michigan Peaceteam website:

As the U.S. media is presenting the same limited footage again & again of the Israeli attack on the Free Gaza flotilla, MPT has acquired a clip that seems to be a bit more informative.  With this film footage coming to us from France, much of the captioning in done in French.  Fortunately, one of the interns studying with us this summer, Haby Drame', is from the University of Paris 12...and she has translated the clip into English.

Translation from the French:
(00:01)”There are currently people injured on both sides of the ship. The direct broadcast continues... There are many injured, yes, many people are wounded. Unfortunately this operation is still going on. I am wondering how this is going to end! We are still in the international waters and what is going on now is a real attack. Israel has to respond for their acts in front of the fifty countries which participated in this relief operation!”

(01:36) ”As you can see, there are people injured on both sides of the ship;  our friends are trying to give them the best care they can. This is what you can see from where we are but on the other side of the ship, there is a big fight while we talk. We will continue to film what is going on to send you the pictures.  Now, you know what you have to do! Since you saw what is going on on this ship, this is your obligation to help us! People on this ship have to get out of this situation safe and sound! Commandos are coming down!”

(03:32) “They came from the floor below and they landed armed soldiers. Before that, they attacked us from behind with two Zodiacs (inflatable military boats) to cut off the propellers of the boat. Once the boats slowed down because of these attacks, they came by helicopter and they landed a dozen soldiers. Nevertheless, two soldiers were brought under the control of our friends on the floor above. Two others soldiers are injured, they fell when they were going down (rappelling) from the helicopter but our friends are taking care of them. The rest of the soldiers are still waiting in the air. We are asking Israel not to hurt anyone; neither the soldiers nor us. Soldiers who fell on the ship are in good hands, our friends are taking care of them and nobody is hurting them...But this attack has to stop!”
(04:18) “The helicopter landed the soldiers and left, we don't know how many there are. Even after what they have done, we tried to help them because we are (all) human... We tried to defend ourselves; it was just a natural reaction of self-defense”

(04:37) “We have been attacked by firearms;  there is blood everywhere and they are still shooting while our friends are injured! Turkey has to do something!  My friends, let's split up! (to continue filming and avoid having their cameras confiscated).

(05:12) “They are coming back, they are still attacking us, we don't know how this is going to end. They want to finish this operation before the sunrise!  If you can hear our voice or see these pictures it is your obligation to help us! Our lives are in danger!  There are more than 600 civilians and a one year old child on board. They continue to attack a civilian boat.  Israel continues is exaction and nobody has moved so far!  You have to help us in every possible way: email, phone, fax, Internet... Do everything you can to help us and do it right now! If you don't do it, who knows how many people will die, entire families will be destroyed.”

(06:11) “They used firearms, they attacked us with knifes, then they used gas. They are all around us and we don't have any contact with the other ships. There is no doubt that they have no humanity. They told us the boarding will be made peacefully, quietly, and that they will talk with us but instead they declared a war. I am not leaving, they can do what they want to do.  (Because of this broadcast,) I will have the Turkish people as my witness.  They just threw a grenade at us, I am not leaving, and they can do whatever they want to do.”
(07:48) “They are still attacking us, they threw gas, they are attacking again and again and every single time they use gas, they shoot us… The helicopter is still coming back after everything they did…Despite everything they did, they are still coming back.  This is shameful! The world can see directly what is going on out here. It’s inacceptable that armed commandos attack more than 600 civilians like it was a military attack. They are going down (rappelling from) the helicopter. It doesn’t look real. The helicopter arrived and there are soldiers on board, they will go down or maybe throw some grenades, I don’t know…”